I'll start over, says UP, a man declared innocent after 12 years in jail

BAREILLY: One of the two men acquitted by a court in Rampur left on Saturday after spending almost 12 years in prison. The 48-year-old man from the city of Bareilly said: God has given me a new life.

Standing outside the jail along with his brothers who had come to receive him, Khan told TOI: He had no connection to the terrorist attack, but was still framed. When I was arrested in this case, I thought that my life and that of my family had been destroyed. The idea of ​​being framed in a case of terror was scary. Over the years, I had severe anxiety pains and thought I could die of a heart attack. When I got out of jail, I thanked God. It feels good to breathe outdoors. I'll start over.

Khan, who used to run a welding shop in Baheri, was arrested in February 2008 on charges of being involved in the terrorist attack and keeping weapons at home. His brother-in-law Mohammed Sharif, originally from Rampur, is one of four sentenced to death in the case on Saturday.

“On the morning of February 10, 2008, the police picked me up from my house in Baheri. The police had told me that a FIR had been filed against me for fighting in the city of Bareilly and that I have to go there to resolve the matter. Although I told them that I hadn't been to the city of Bareilly in a few months, they took me in their car. Instead of going to the police station, they took me to a guest house where they kept me up until night. Later, they took me to a police station in Rampur and the next day, they took me to a medical examination. Later I was transferred to prison. When I asked them why they arrested me, they told me that I will learn after going to jail. I was able to meet my family only after three months, ”said Khan.

After his arrest, his wife, Nazra, was tailor-made to feed his three children who are now 17, 15 and 13 years old. Recalling his struggles, Khan said: “In all these years, our family was in disarray. We faced financial problems and my children had to suspend their studies. I lost my mother and my aunt and I couldn't even attend her funeral.

After Khan arrived at his home in Baheri, dozens of people, including family and neighbors, went to meet him. Now, the court acquitted me in this case and I would ask the government to help me and my family for humanitarian reasons so that we can lead a decent life, Khan said.

Another man acquitted in the case, Muhammad Kausar, a native of Pratapgarh of UP, was also released from Bareilly Central Prison on Saturday. He along with his brother went to his hometown.