Gujarati woman has fasted in Chhath Puja for seven years.

AHMEDABAD: In this day and time when festive traditions slowly fade away, it is pure faith that encouraged Manjula Patel, 59, to go without water and fast to Puja. Observed on the sixth day of the month of Kartika according to the Hindu calendar, it is a festival of great religious importance among people from the eastern parts of the country, including the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, among others.

“Being a Gujarati, I always believed in the sun god and I have a lot of faith. Therefore, I decided to perform Surya Puja in the month of Chhath of Kartika, ”said Manjula, who has been performing the puja with all the rituals for the past seven years.

“Through some acquaintances, I learned to make traditional sweets that are prepared before Chhath. If I'm doing something, I could do it completely with all traditions, ”added Manjula, who runs out of Panchami water until Saptami's morning while fasting for the bid.

Thousands of people from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the east of the country crammed the ghat under the Indira Bridge, to perform Surya Puja. After his annual ritual, CM, he performed Surya Aarti at Chhath Puja. Addressing the devotees on the site, the prime minister said: In Gujarat, all festivals observed by people from different parts of the country are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and joy whether Navratri, Durga Puja , Chhath Puja or otherwise.

Rupani also recognized how people from other states and regions have consistently contributed to the growth of Gujarat. “In the development of Gujarat, people from other states who live and work here are equally responsible. The government is taking all measures and full responsibility to ensure the safety of these people in the state, he said.