Two Brus die of 'hunger' in the northern camp of Tripura

AIZAWL: A 2-year-old boy and a 60-year-old woman died in Bru's largest camp in the north, with several forums claiming that the deaths were caused by hunger.

The leaders of the Bru Displaced Persons Forum (MBDPF) said that the deaths in the Naisingpara camp were due to starvation and directly blamed the Center for suspending the ration to the camps as the cause of the deaths .

The Center had discontinued the free ration and cash for Bru families in the aid camps after the ninth and final repatriation process, which began on October 3.

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MBDPF said that John Chongprengh, 2, and Makoto Reang, 60, died at Naising's aid camp on October 31. Tripura officials admitted that a baby and a 60-year-old woman died in the Naisingpara aid camp, but declined to comment on the cause of the incident. deaths, adding that an investigation was underway.

The vice president of MBDPF, Laldawngliana, said Ramjoy Reang (65), a refugee in the Asapara relief camp, became ill due to food shortages and is admitted to a hospital in critical condition.

He alleged that they sought help from the authorities and doctors in Gachirampara, about 3 km from the field, and Dosda, about 7 km from the field, but did not come, saying they had no authorization from the district or subdivision. authorities.

Meanwhile, the indefinite blockade of roads between Dosda and Anandabazar continued for the third day on Saturday, forcing Mizoram government officials to stop the process of bringing Brus back from the aid camps, upon entering Tripura. Authorities said 216 families have returned to Mizoram since the camps since October 3, but claimed that some elements were obstructing the repatriation process.