Virat Kohli accepted the D/N test in three seconds: Sourav Ganguly

KOLKATA: I could have taken virat Kohli only three seconds to say yes to the test day and night, but, president of BCCI Sourav Ganguly Feel, it might well be the first step towards a change that will bring the crowd back to the longer version of the game.

It has been perceived that it was the reluctance of the Indian team to play that delayed the launch of the day and night test in the country.

However, Ganguly did not find this reticence when he proposed the idea to Kohli. I don't know what happened in the past, but Virat was quite willing to go with that, Ganguly said at the former referee's pitch. Simon Taufel The book is here on Saturday. Life has changed, so has society. We also have to try some changes.

Taufel also agreed that adaptability is the way to go and getting used to the conditions in the day and night test is just that. Sometimes you need to try different things, said the respected referee. They may not always work, but you won't know until you try, Taufel said.