2 CPM workers in Kerala charged under UAPA for Maoist ties

KOZHIKODE: Two have been arrested under Draconian command (UAPA) for allegedly Maoist supporters, a measure that has raised the red flags within the ruling party itself, in another example that the police exceeded their mandate while taking strong measures against extremism of on the left.

Allan Shuhaib and Thaha Fasal were arrested by police in Pantheerankavu on Friday night. According to police, a patrol confronted three people in suspicious circumstances. One of them fled to see the police, leaving a bag containing Maoist literature. Allan and Thaha were arrested and their houses were raided.

His arrest under the UAPA shocked the leaders of the CPM district. CPM District Secretary P Mohanan said that UAPA should have been used with great caution and only after a thorough investigation. He added that anyone who has ties to the Maoists has no place at the party.

Allan, a law student, is a member of the CPM referral committee and Thaha, a journalism student, member of the Parammal branch committee. Police said a CPI (Maoist) banner, an organization banned by the government of India, a statement by Maoist spokesman Jogi against the murder of four people in Attappadi earlier this week, a copy of the CPI central committee document (Maoist) on caste in India and another document of the Special Zonal Committee of Western Ghat was recovered from those arrested.

The relatives of the arrested duo met with the prime minister at the government guest house here and sought his intervention. “My son has been a member of CPM for the past five years. He is an SFI worker at the Kannur University center in Palayad in Thalassery, Allan's mother, Sabitha Madathil, told reporters. She said there are many books and brochures in her house.

“I told the police that there are no prohibited books in the house. All family members have a political orientation, ”said Sabitha, a teacher and worker at the Kerala State Teachers Association (KSTA), a pro-CPM organization. If this can happen to us, it can happen to anyone, said Sabitha, who is the sister of Sajitha Madathil, a well-known actress and travel companion of the CMF.

Jameela, Thaha's mother, said someone threw a bag into her house complex before the police raid. He also said police forced his son to shout pro-Maoist slogans and videotaped him on mobile phones.

Allan and Thaha also told reporters that the police had fabricated a case against them. They have not retrieved any document from us, they shouted when they were taken to court from Pantheerankavu police station. The duo was presented to the district court of sessions and referred to judicial custody for 15 days. Bail statements for the defendant will be filed in court on Monday.

By order of the head of the state police, Inspector General Ashok Yadav went to the Pantheerankavu police station, where the interrogation of the arrested was progressing. After questioning the duo for more than an hour, the IG said there is no need to rethink the allegations of UAPA charges on the defendant. He said the police have enough evidence to demonstrate the duo's links with the Maoists.