This was my first vacation in seven years and it was everything I expected: Shraddha

Quaint cafes, bougainvillea full of cobbled streets and dazzling architecture as far as the eye can see ... Shraddha Das gets capricious as he begins to describe his stay in Europe. It's been a few weeks since he returned home, but his heart is still back in Poland and Hungary , she confesses.


How I wish I could be there now, continue, The buildings in Warsaw are majestic . The cities look like they have popped out of postcards.” The vacation, her first one in seven years apparently, has an interesting back story: “I had one day off after the pack up of my shoot for my next Kannadda project. Just one single day! I decided to make the most of it. I explored the Old Town in Warsaw on foot. I didn’t want to rush past the sites so I thought a walking tour would be a better idea. And boy, was I right?”


Shraddha’s trip got extended a little more when she got a call from her Serbian BFF, Jelena, asking her to meet-up in Budapest . “I met Jelena during the shoot of Kotigobba 3 in Belgrade last year. We got along instantly and have stayed in touch ever since. So when she found out that I am in Warsaw , she convinced me to meet her in Budapest (an eight-hour drive from Warsaw ). I was only too happy to extend my vacation,” Shraddha tells us, adding, “Psstt...guess what? I didn’t even tell my parents about this trip, lest they make me cancel it. They are extremely protective and would never allow me to go on a solo trip or even with a friend. They came to know much later through my social media.” HT31TRAVEL-SHRADDHA-H She adds that this was a “much needed break” though, and is glad to have ticked quite a few things off her bucket list. “I went on a three-and-a-half hour cycling trip across Budapest, cruised along the Danube river, stayed at a vintage house and tried out lots of local food and wine, ”she says, adding,“ I got lost in the streets of Budapest on the day I was traveling around alone. ”(laughs) But she sobers up while recounting a scary incident, “I got scared when a drunk old man started walking towards me while mumbling something. I was scared, but nothing happened. ”She is already looking forward to her next vacation. “I don't know when I will have time again though. I hope it is not seven years this time. Fingers crossed! ”