Compliments of PM for dad's pen on the cover of Congress

In the midst of the young vs. old debate in Congress, former Union minister and leader of the Mumbai Congress He says that the party must choose a leader by merit and not by age

After the results of Haryana and Maharashtra, you tweeted that Congress should go with experienced leaders, which was seen as if you were weighing in favor of the old guard.

There is much debate about young people against old people in Congress, but there is no such thing. In several states, Congress has tried and tested leaders who are loyal and enjoy the support of public and party cadres. They can be young or old. These leaders must be promoted and motivated to work. Bhupinder Hooda certainly played an important role in Haryana and NCP chief Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra.

But there have been conscious experiments with young leaders in recent years. Was Bhupinder Hooda only brought at the last minute instead of Ashok Tanwar?

In some states, there is a clear distinction between leaders who are popular, loyal and proven, and those who do not get high scores on these parameters. We do not need to experiment there. But in states where there is more than one popular and loyal leader, the party has to carry all sections. The debate is not about age, but about who meets the criteria for leadership.

You said a young leader should replace Rahul Gandhi as president of Congress, and even mentioned Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin pilot how likely?

I met Rahul Gandhi on June 26 and requested him to rethink his resignation. But he was firm on his decision. Then, Punjab CM Amarinder Singh He said a young leader should be named president of Congress. I echoed his point of view.

Are there strong rumors that you can leave Congress?

These rumors began after Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted in praise of my late father Murli Deora for its role in strengthening relations between India and the United States. The praise of the prime minister should look like a feather in the cap of Congress. Those who are trying to use the prime minister's tweet to suggest that I am leaving the party are committing a great injustice with Congress. These rumors have been spread by some of my frustrated and unhappy friends at the party. The party must choose what action they want to take against those people.

What is the way to go for Congress in the fight against the Modi government?

The way forward is to develop and communicate a simple and clear narrative about the vision of Congress for India. While the opposition must hold the government accountable, it must also articulate its positions on key issues with one voice. Even if our opponents make choices about personalities, we must stick to the problems. We must recalibrate our positions on critical issues without moving away from our central ideology. Instead of reacting to the government, the opposition's duty is also to proactively establish the narrative.