BJP, Congress exchanges spikes for a row of spies

Congress President Sonia Gandhi On Saturday she accused the government of what she said was embarrassing spying on activists and journalists, obtaining an aggressive response from BJP that provoked alleged spies in Pranab Mukherjee, then minister of finance of the Union and then head of the army, General VK Singh .

Speaking to officials of the AICC office about protests across the country that Congress has planned against the Modi government, Sonia said: The latest shocking revelation is that through the Israeli acquired by the Modi government, activities Espionage and espionage against activists, journalists and political persons have taken place.

These activities are not only illegal and unconstitutional, they are embarrassing. He listed the case of espionage as one of the issues that Congress should bring to the people during the protests as of November 5.

BJP responded immediately with the president of the party, JP Nadda, demanding that the head of Congress reveal who ordered to spy on the then minister of the Union, Pranab Mukherjee, and then the army chief, V K Singh, during the UPA government.

"Mrs Gandhi could enlighten the nation about who at 10 Jan Path authorised snooping on Shri Pranab Mukherjee when he was a minister in UPA & Gen VK Singh when he was the Army Chief," Nadda said. In a tweet, Nadda said the government has already clarified its stand on this issue and asked the Congress President to clarify who ordered snooping during the Congress-led UPA regime.