Congress will approach SC with BSY video on poaching

NEW DELHI: With a supposedly incriminating video of Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa unleashing a controversy in Congress, on Saturday he claimed that the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah He was behind the resignation of his MLAs who overthrew the JD (S) -Congress government in the state.

The secretary general of AICC, KC Venugopal, told reporters that Yediyurappa is seen in the video saying that the rebel MLAs, who were disqualified by the then president of Karnataka, will receive relief from the Supreme Court and will be able to contest elections again.

He said Congress has long said that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah, BJP was misusing government agencies like CBI, ED and the IT department to hunt down MLA opponents and sabotage the governments of opposition.

“Now, it is established beyond any doubt with the video evidence of the prime minister. He has said that Shah was behind the entire management of the poaching episode. He says so, ”Venugopal claimed.

The congressional leader, who is in charge of Karnataka's affairs, said: It is shocking that Yediyurappa is saying that the SC could give relief to the rebel MLAs and that they can contest the elections. We all know that the matter is subjudicial and the case is reserved for trial on November 4. It is a matter of grave concern that a CM is saying that the verdict is in favor of defending MLAs and that they can challenge the elections. What does that mean?

By closing the center, he claimed that BJP was misusing IT, CBI, ED and other government agencies.

And through this word, we understand that they are also misusing the cusp court, he said, expressing hope that the SC will take a serious note on the subject.

He said that Congress will approach the SC with the latest evidence. Venugopal said Shah should talk about it, since his own prime minister named him in that video.