CRPF 2008 Field Attack: 2 Pak Citizens Among 4 to Hang

RAMPUR: A local court in Rampur on Saturday granted the death penalty to four men, including two, for the attack on a CRPF camp in Rampur in 2008 in which seven Jawans of the paramilitary force and one civilian died.

The four convicted include Imran Shahzad, a resident of Bhimhar in (PoK); Mohammad Farooq, a resident of the Kangriwala area in Gujranwala, Pakistan; Sharif, a resident of Rampur; and Sabauddin, resident of Madhubani de Bihar.

The remaining two of the six convicted on Friday, Jung Bahadur, a resident of Moradabad and Faheem Ansari of Mumbai, received life imprisonment and 10 years in jail, respectively. Two of those sentences on Saturday, Mohammed Sabauddin Ahmed and Faheem Ansari, were previously acquitted on him.

According to sources, Faheem Ansari, a resident of the Goregaon area of ​​Mumbai, and Sabauddin Ahmed, a native of Bihar, were charged jointly in the 26/11 terrorist case along with Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

However, a special court in Mumbai acquitted the duo in 2010 and his acquittal was confirmed by the Supreme Court.

After a Mumbai court acquitted Faheem and Sabauddin in 2010, both were transferred to Lucknow and Bareilly prisons in Uttar Pradesh.

The court found Sabauddin guilty of attack at the CRPF camp and has been charged with murder and also in accordance with the Explosives Act.

However, Faheem was not convicted in the attack, but was found guilty for having a false Pakistani passport and also under the Weapons Law.

“The citizens of Pakistan, Mohd Farooq and Imran Shehzad, were arrested in Lucknow in February 2008 and were housed in the Lucknow prison. They had received training in Pakistan, ”said Singh. They are housed in prisons in Lucknow and Bareilly, ADG ATS Dhruva Kant Thakur said.

The sentence handed down by the district judge and additional sessions Sanjeev Kumar said that the four defendants will be hanged to death in accordance with sections 302 (murder), 149 of the IPC (each member of the illegal assembly is guilty of a crime committed in the prosecution of a common object) and less than 121 (waging a war against the government of India).

On the night of December 31, 2007 and January 1, 2008, the terrorists attacked the center of the CRPF group based in Rampur, in which seven jawans and a civilian of CRPF died, while some jawans and citizens suffered injuries serious.

Cases were registered against eight people in various sections of the IPC, the Weapons Law, the Law on the Prevention of Damage to Public Property, the Law on Explosive Substances and the Law on Illicit Activities (Prevention).