Theft in the light of Labor Day and, above all, creativity, is wrong: Vishal Dadlani in Lucknow

Vocalist and music composer Vishal Dadlani , who is known for his numbers 'Swag Se Swagat', 'Desi Girl', 'Tu Meri', 'Saki Saki', among others, was recently in the city. Starting his journey with an independent band to compose music in Bollywood Vishal's trip has been an explosion according to him. Always very expressive about the issues that concern him, Dadlani in an online publication recently called on musicians to remix the songs of other composers warning them against legal actions of him and Shekhar if any of his songs will be remixed without the duo's permission. I have been informed of some remixes of our songs that are being made and produced without our knowledge and consent of the original composers. We will sue anyone who, without our specific consent, does so with the aim of launching them. , monetizing them or using them in any movie other than the one for which the song was created, says Vishal.

The musicians release the cover versions for free and we are fine with that, but remixes released even in part as someone else's song will not be accepted. I will certainly exercise my legal rights if necessary, and even move the courts against movies and musicians, if that is the case. It is not fair that someone can do this. And I'm sure the courts will see this for what it is. Theft of work, credit, opportunity and, most importantly, creativity. , is wrong and must stop, he adds vehemently.

 Vishal Dadlani  (BCCL/ Vishnu Jaiswal) Vishal Dadlani (BCCL/Vishnu Jaiswal)

Moving on to other issues, Vishal says it was in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh , that his career as a musician really began and it was there that he proved success for the first time. I have been to UP several times. In fact, the first place where our band won a contest was at IIT Kanpur in 1995. Then, after starting and winning our first contest in Antaragni - the university festival - we made several friends and they called us to Delhi. We perform at IIT Delhi and we win there too and then we also win at IIT Bombay. The band became famous and we started to make music regularly, as they offered us many album offers. Then I became a professional musician and I give all the credit to UP in this phase of my life.

Vishal, along with Shekhar, has composed hundreds of songs in all genres for Bollywood since the past 20 years including Nashe Si Chadh Gayi, Allah Ke Bande, Chammak Challo, Ishq Wala Love, among others. Sharing his equation with his partner Shekhar, and how the two started out together as composers, Vishal says, Shekhar and I were friends and we knew each other because we lived within a distance of like one kilometer. We used to meet often and would have a light chat off and on about our professional lives There was a studio in our locality and Shekhar used to do the advertising work of the studio and I knew the owner So one fine day I was walking into the studio and he was coming out and he asked me 'you yahan kya kar raha hai', and I asked him he was working on a film called Pyaar Me Kabhi Kabhi. Coincidently it was our first film and I told him that I am working on this film too. At that point in time, we were working separately, Vishal and Shekhar were two different entities. But then we both heard each other's music and we liked the work. And the rest as they say is history .. The title track of the movie was still left to be done so we dec ided to do it together and since then 20 years have passed. nIn all the talent hunt and reality shows on TV, contestants are always singing Bollywood compositions sung and composed by others. Talk about this and Vishal, a judge on a reality show, says that he would love for the contestants to sing their own composition rather than copy older singers and songs. Copying other singers style can only make an artist learn music but will stop him or her to grow as a musician. I have never learned any music, I learned from listening to other people sing. So it took me ten long years to understand that to learn and to copy are two different things. And to try and sing consciously like my influences, that was a very big step for me as a musician. And these contestants are very new, they are still young and learning. a bad thing if they copy someone's singing style who they consider their influence, but I always try to make them understand that you can always learn by copying but you can never grow. if we can access an original copy, why would we go for the copies? There is no rule that a contestant cannot sing his original composition. I will love it if a contestant sings his original composition. as that is the true me asure of a talent. The brass tacks basic facts is that a reality show can popularize you but for a short time, but becoming a musician will actually make you successful. And for that you have to tell your story through your songs to the audience, says the Oh Womaniya singer.

 Vishal Dadlani  with the contestants of the reality show he is judging on TV (BCCL/ Vishnu Jaiswal) Vishal Dadlani with the contestants of the reality show he is judging on TV (BCCL/Vishnu Jaiswal)

Being habitual in judging reality shows Vishal justifies the act by saying: I listen to the songs that others do daily. Shekhar and I do that daily in the studio. The main reason I judge reality shows is that I feel like we are seeing the future of India in terms of music. And I feel that the talent search shows how to cultivate talent. The contestants come in the rough and the vocal coaches in the program teach them a lot, and in the end, the artists develop. A good place to look for and cultivate new talents, he reasons.

But mention that TV talent scouting programs are full of drama and that most contestants have an emotional story to tell, and Vishal agrees and says that as long as a contestant is not giving a false story, he is Well with that aspect. It is shown on television. Look, today we are competing with the Internet. It has everything on demand, so a television program uses all the material it has to entertain its audience. Television is a vehicle that can take these singers to people, so I say if you are doing it, do it to win it. And as long as no false stories are created, that's really the contestant's story and knowing that the story creates a space in the heart of the audience, I don't see anything wrong there. The reality shows shouldn't make the dramas, which is not something that let's do. But if the story is true and people identify with it, then there is nothing wrong. And people will connect more with the contestants if they hear their stories and that will create a better understanding between the audience and the contestant. A person is nothing without his story. So, the idea is to reach people's hearts, be like a family. So, if we want to be in their lives, we should also allow them to be in our lives, right?

- With contributions from Saad Abbasi