Creativity grows in this garden.

It was only one more day two years ago at home, and Tintu found four bottles of soda. Already a bottle painting enthusiast, Tintu wondered, why not do something new with these four? He painted them, opened the lower portions, inverted them and planted young trees in the bottles, to hang them on the handle and rose bushes in the courtyard.

In a few weeks, Tintu and his family could not take their eyes off the pretty plant owners. My mother-in-law also loved the idea, recalls Tintu, for whom it was a start. “Then, every time we come across a disposable item, be it a tire, cloth bags, shoes, bottles of jam, toys, utensils, random pots ... we have turned them into plant stands. I would simply follow my intuition about what type of plant is suitable for each item, ”explains Tintu.

Take a look at your garden and you will see money plants growing from different types of liquor bottles, climbers on old lamps, many varieties of colias plants on tires, old PVC pipes, tea cups and more. How difficult is this compared to regular shrub planting? I will not say that it is difficult, all you need is regular irrigation and fertilization, especially if it is not a rainy season. You should also ensure that the pests are not attacking them, explains Tintu, who often asks if she was ready to sell her plants along with the containers. “Once, a girl asked me if I could sell a plant of money that I had planted in an old bulb. I gave it to him, but other than that, I don't really give away the plants, says Tintu.

Tintu, who is a dietitian, was working abroad before coming to Kochi. “While I was in Dubai, there was never enough space to test gardening skills. But now, thanks to our large patio, there is no limit to be creative. My children, who are school children, my in-laws and my husband also support me a lot in my gardening and even get several items that can become plant holders, ”says Tintu. Some time ago, someone stole our orchids with their holders, which would have cost at least 5,000 rupees, he says.

Neighbors and acquaintances often come to her with requests to give her gardens a face lift. “I give simple advice and creative contributions. In fact, for gardening of this type, the prerequisite is the interest in crafts and love for plants. You must also be a bit patient and creative, without which you cannot invest time for something like this, ”explains Tintu. Now, she also goes to universities to give talks about creative gardening, in addition to making terrariums for fun. It's great to see the new generation take an interest in ecological activities, after all, they are the ones who would benefit from the plants around us.