Hong Kong protesters vandalize state news agency

BEIJING: The protest movement in Hong Kong He took a new turn with agitators who destroyed the office of, which is controlled by him. The city also saw other incidents of violence with protesters throwing gasoline bombs and police throwing tear gas shells.

Anti-government protesters smashed doors and windows of the Xinhua office in Wan Chai District and set fire to its front door, according to photographs published in local media. It was not immediately clear if there was anyone inside the office at the time of vandalism.

Observers said the government would soon launch a massive crackdown to put an end to the months-long agitation because violent incidents have paved the way for the intervention of security forces. Chinese Communist Party recently held a plenum of its senior members which discussed the Hong Kong situation and recommended swift action by the government.

The Hong Kong News Executives ’Association and the Hong Kong Journalists Association have both issued statements condemning the vandalism by protesters at Xinhua News Agency, mainland China’s official media platform. They also called for a stop to violence and urged police to deal with the matter seriously.

The agitators are also targeting Chinese banks and businesses that are considered connected with the Beijing government. The city's economy has suffered greatly during the protests that occur every weekend.

Protesters held what they described as an election meeting in the city's Victoria Park after local police refused to give them permission to meet for political activity. They also called for international help to support the one-month turmoil against democratic rights.

Police carried out body searches on those wearing masks. Mask-wearing has become a protest symbol among demonstrators in Hong Kong.