Anything with an unsecured chip, not even votes: Digvijaya Singh

BHOPAL: After accusations of piracy and espionage from WhatApp, the main leader of Congress published a new story on the subject on Saturday by an international news agency. He argued that anything with a chip is not safe, be it money in bank accounts or votes in one.

When publishing the article of the international agency on the investigation of Whatapp, Digvijaya Singh tweeted: “You must read. In the current era, anything with a chip is not safe.

In a second tweet, the parliamentarian argued: “You can steal money from your bank in any corner of the world, you can steal data and you can steal everything. Your votes too!

The third tweet added: “No one knows when he will understand the honorable Central Commission (Electoral). Or pretend ignorance even after understanding? My question to Modi-Bhakts is, do you want a foreign government to decide who does the government in India? Is this your patriotism? Just reflect!

Congress and other opposition parties have been continuously raising doubts about the manipulation of EVM. With espionage and violation of privacy, Digvijaya Singh questioned whether EVM can be manipulated.