Passport, Aadhaar has no value at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium

PANCHKULA: Even if you and your children are residents of Hariana and have valid passports and Aadhaar cards issued from any part of the state, are not yet eligible to enroll in any sports activity in the Tau Devi Lal Stadium , here. Strange isn't it?

The stadium authorities want you to present your address certificate to complete the registration process.

This is quite weird. I have spent my entire life in Panchkula, my son is born here. Our pas Sports, aadhaar everything is from here. But when I brought my kid here to get him enrolled in athletics, the authorities said we are not domicile of Hariana and they didn't register my son's name, a parent told TOI on the condition of anonymity.

Passports are made after proper police verification but for sports Authorities is not enough. In our country everything is running on aadhaar cards, but according to officials here, this has no value. I went to the secretariat and had to wait for hours in line to do so, he added.

Relating his problems, another father whose daughter plays volleyball said: In Tau Devi Lal you will get everything. Good infrastructure, good trainers but the administration is very bad. Initially, I thought they were joking, I mean, how can you not accept the passport as proof of address, but then I realized that they are inflexible. This is the story of all parents here, you will have to make a long line to get that address.

Suman Saini, district sports and youth affairs officer, specified that it is this rule that is being followed across Hariana .

"It is a rule. One should be a domicile of Hariana to get themselves registered in any sporting activity at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium . It is not that we are enforcing this rule. It is being followed across Hariana ," said Suman.