Government will launch women's soccer league next month: Kiren Rijiju

MUMBAI: Minister of Sports Kiren Rijiju On Saturday he said the government will launch a women's soccer league next month, with the goal of bringing the sport to the masses.

We will launch the women's soccer league, probably next month. We are ready with the format and it will be one of the most extensive soccer programs in the country and will be in collaboration with the Ministry of Development of Women and Children, Rijiju told reporters here.

I was talking after unveiling the official emblem next year. FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup , to be hosted by India.

We are ready and we are going to launch it. And you will see that it will be a great movement in India, not just a tournament. We have to raise the level of football in India and we have to be aggressive. I am clear that if we are not aggressive, we cannot move forward, said the minister.

Football Federation of all India ( AIFF ) President Patel Orante and the FIFA women's soccer director, Sarai Bareman, were present at the occasion.

Rijiju said that the Indian women's team has better prospects of reaching the World Cup in football compared to men due to a higher ranking.

Over the course of this year, we would be generating enough enthusiasm among people to make this World Cup one of the most successful and memorable. Personally I have two objectives: one is to make this event the most successful and the second to take that as an opportunity to create football culture in India.

When I talk about creating a sports culture in India, we can't ignore football. Being the most popular sport on this planet, football has to be a priority. Football culture is developing now, but what we need is to take it to a new level, he added.

Rijiju also said he urged FIFA to find more places to organize matches.

For me, football is the number 1 sport in the country, not in the context of commercial success and winning international championships, but everyone can play it. In my area of ​​the northeast, football is a religion.

As sports minister of India, I assure full support for the World Cup. India is a big country and I would like FIFA to look for more places to organize the U-17 Women's World Cup.