Bringing BJP to power once again is my responsibility: Yediyurappa

BENGALURU: Claiming that he would complete his full term, Karnataka Prime Minister B S Yediyurappa said on Saturday that he will work to strengthen BJP until his last breath and that bringing him to power once again was his responsibility.

Recognizing that this current stage was more challenging, he also trained his weapons on the opposition leader by calling him weak prime minister and giving the government a 'zero' score for his performance so far.

Until my last breath I will work to build this party. I do not want any position. People know who I am, he said.

In an interview with PTI, the prime minister said: I will work to further build the party and bring it back to power is my responsibility.

The strong man of Lingayat, 76, was answering a question about his political retirement, amid speculation that he did not complete his full term citing his age and also that the central leadership of BJP was allegedly not interested in continuing with him in the first place by much.

While the BJP government led by him completed his hundredth day in office on Saturday, Yediyurappa expressed his confidence in completing his full term and said he enjoys the full confidence of the high command, its leaders, MLA and workers.

... there is more love and affection for me, or else why would I have become Chief Minister? There are some misperceptions in the minds of some people, which is not right.

If you are prime minister ( Narendra Modi ) or Minister of the Interior ( Amit Shah , also president of BJP): have good faith in me, there are expectations of a good administration, he said.

In his first 100 days in office, he said there were advantages and disadvantages, since the rains had filled bodies of water in the state that was reeling from drought, but also caused large-scale flooding in several areas, destroying lives and property .

After pointing out that the challenge was to provide assistance and rehabilitation to the affected floods, he pointed out that the crops in seven hectares of hectares and houses lakhs had been damaged.

For the first time in the history of the country, we are awarding Rs 5 lakh instead of Rs 98,000 according to the norms for damaged houses, of which Rs 1 lakh has already been granted to place the stones of the houses.

An amount of Rs 10,000 has been granted as immediate relief to those affected and Rs 5,000 as rent to the displaced. No one has done this, he said, adding that it has also been improved compensation for crop damage.

Yediyurappa said this was '101 percent more challenging' than the last term, but he was confident that he would face it.

Reports of garbage about the lack of support from the central government for flood relief, the prime minister said: I am one hundred percent getting cooperation from the center.

Citing Amit Shah 's aerial survey and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman's visit to the affected areas, Yediyurppa said a study team which was sent had submitted its report, after which Rs 1,200 crore was released as interim relief.

We expect Rs 2,000 crore more, we will wait.

When attacking Siddaramaiah, he said that the former prime minister's behavior and the way he was crossing his boundaries and his speech smelled of complete arrogance.

He (Siddaramaiah) says he will give a zero score to my government. Who is he to score? People have to give me qualifications ... they are trying to create confusion among people for political reasons, such as LoP. he said.

Siddaramaiah was the prime minister and now the LoP. Under his leadership, how many seats did Congress win in the election of Lok Sabha? Only one.

People have already marked you (Siddaramaiah), said Yediyurappa and undid the padyatra (march) proposed by Congress in flood-affected areas as a political circus.

Siddaramaiah on Friday had given a zero score for the ministry led by Yediyurappa and called him a weak CM.

By stating that the December 5 surveys for 15 electoral districts of the assembly would be fought on the development agenda, Yediyurappa admitted that there was opposition within the BJP for giving tickets to the disqualified MLAs and said we will decide on the candidates after the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Voting at 15 of the 17 seats represented by the disqualified MLAs, whose resignation and absence of the vote of confidence led to the fall of the Congress-JD (S) coalition government, and gave way to the power of the BJP, will take place in December 5)

The then President KR Ramesh Kumar had disqualified them as MLA, ruling that those disqualified, will cease to be MLA with immediate effect until the expiration of the 15th assembly (in 2023), which they have challenged in the Supreme Court.

Currently, the higher court is listening to the issue of whether BJP would join hands with JD (S) if it failed to obtain the maximum number of seats in the polls, as the leader of the HD party Kumaraswamy had recently stated that he would not destabilize the government, he said. Yediyurappa It's not about joining hands with JD (S). I don't want to answer it. We will complete our remaining 3.5 year period with our strength.

BJP needs to win at least six seats in the polls to keep its majority in the 224-member assembly, which will still have two vacant seats: Maski and R R Nagar.

Improving farmers' economy, irrigation, Bangalore development, tourism, housing and industrial development is the focus area of ​​my government, said Yediyurappa, adding that the state was financially stable.

However, the economic slowdown would have its effect on the state, said the prime minister, who also owns the Finance portfolio, in response to a question.

So far, our revenue collection is satisfactory. We're going forward. There will be no shortage in tax collection, but there will be a setback in the central funds we receive. How much is it, we have to wait and observe.