Rajasthan thief takes the train to escape, Bangalore police take flight to arrest and succeed

BENGALURU: Kushal Singh, twenty-one, dreamed of hitting him big when he got rid of the stolen jewels after getting off the train at his home. However, he was in shock when the Bengaluru police officers 'welcomed him' at the railway station and arrested him. While Singh took three days to arrive by train, the police took the flight and landed there before arriving.

Singh, originally from Rajasthan, joined the job as an assistant in the residence of businessman Mehak V Piragal located in Basavangudi in the city. It was suggested by a friend of the Piragal family and began work on October 27. After telling him to watch the house, the family went to his clothing store in Chickpet around 7:30 pm to do pooja on Diwali's occasion. When they returned around 9 p.m., they were surprised when the house was ransacked and gold ornaments were missing in the closet.

They found that Kushal Singh was not in the residence. Immediately, Mehak informed the police that he went into action. After reviewing his Call Detail Record (CDR), police discovered he was traveling and an additional investigation suggested that he had taken a train to Ajmer. Soon, the police took a flight and arrived in Jaipur and traveled to Ajmer. Three days after the incident, Kushal arrived in Ajmer and as soon as he landed at the railway station, he was surprised to see the police standing in front of him. The police, after taking him into custody, took him back to Bangalore.

Police sources said that with quick action, he didn't even have time to sell or promise gold ornaments he had stolen from Mehak's house. This was his first visit to Bangalore and he has no criminal record. He wanted to earn quick money and lead a happy life, but he chose the wrong path. The gold he had stolen was in the bag he was carrying and he wanted to sell it in his hometown, police said.