Rani Rampal takes women's hockey from India to their third Olympic Games

BHUBANESWAR: Fifth minute: India 0 USA UU. 1. Fourteenth minute: India 0 EE. UU. 2. Twenty minute: India 0 EE. UU. 3. Twenty-eighth minute: India 0 EE. UU. 4. Added score level. The women of India were ahead by four goals after winning the first game on Friday 5-1. But the US UU. They reached the height of the first half of the second here in the Kalinga Stadium 24 hours later. Minute No. 49. Rani Rampal lurks at the top of the American circle, saluting, crying for the ball. Comes. She pointed. GOAL! India had the objective of taking them to the Olympic Games. And he did. After 11 minutes without goals that followed, the Indian girls were jumping for joy. They go to Tokyo, the third Olympic appearance for women's hockey in India.

The United States won 4-1, but India won the two-legged qualifiers 6-5 in total.

American women could not believe it. They had done what they arrived on Saturday. Amanda Magadan's two goals, Captain Kathleen Sharkey and Alyssa Parker realized the hope with which her team slept on Friday. But it was India who managed to register in Tokyo. 1980 Moscow, 2016 Rio and now 2020.

It was a game that India would want to remember for the goal achieved instead of the way they played. Rani, who has been central to India's Olympic dreams for more than a decade, saved the best for last. And a disaster was avoided.

It is possible that coach Sjoerd Marijne has no nails left, since the game proved the mental strength of the best. It will be difficult for American hockey, where the game is predominantly aimed at women. Not going to the Olympic Games will not help the funding they would like to grow the game. But that should be reflected later.

This moment belongs to women's hockey in India, which has had a tremendous career in the last 18 months, and could not have obtained a better benefit.