China launches 5G services in 50 cities

China has finally launched 5G services with three state telecom providers that offer ultra high speed Internet facilities since Friday. The 5G service is now available in the first set of 50 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The three main telecommunications companies: China Mobile, Chinese telecommunication & China Unicom - they are offering the next generation service for 30 GB at 128 yuan (Rs. 1284) per month. Chinese phone manufacturers have already started selling 5G-enabled equipment in the market, leaving the iPhone without this advantage.

China is the third country after the US & South Korea to launch 5G service. But its coverage is much larger than any other country.

Huawei, the world’s largest equipment company, is one of the major supplies of 5G technology along with Ericsson, Nokia & China based ZTE.

India is one of the countries that closely analyzes 5G technology. It has allowed some foreign companies, including Huawei, to make 5G routes. Other countries like Germany are considering Chinese technology, but the US UU. He has taken a firm stand against Huawei offers.

The 5G technology has become a sensitive issue with the US urging different countries to ban Huawei’s technology saying it will be used by the Chinese government for spying purposes. Huawei had repeatedly denied the charges saying foreign customers will have full control of the equipment they buy & use.

China has been aggressively promoting 5G technology in order to help local players, Huawei & ZTE. The launch of 5G in its domestic market, if successful, will put China in a stronger position to market its homegrown technology in world markets.

Despite US pressures, Huawei has managed to sign 5G equipment supply contracts with 60 telecom carriers around the world, racing past competitors Ericsson & Nokia.