The US Treasury Secretary UU. Holds conversations with the RBI governor about economics and regulatory developments

MUMBAI: United States Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin met with the RBI governor Shaktikanta Das in the financial capital on Saturday.

The two discussed the global and domestic macroeconomic scenario in both countries and regulatory developments, according to an official statement from the central bank.

Mnuchin, who is reportedly on a tour to get support against Iran over the country's nuclear program, was accompanied by the US ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster, and the consul general in Mumbai, David J Ranz, said.

Visiting dignitaries met with Das and other senior central bank officials, according to the RBI statement.

It should be noted that India has struggled to pay Iran for oil imports during previous rounds of sanctions led by the United States, and the RBI had played an important role in the solutions therein.

It is also reported that Mnuchin plans to meet with business leaders in the city on Saturday. The details of it could not be determined immediately.