Urojahaj of Buddhadeb Dasgupta in the Master section of KIFF

Buddhadeb Dasgupta's movie, Urojahaj (The Flight), has been selected to appear in the Master section of the Kolkata International Film Festival . It will be shown in Nandan on November 11. Chandan Roy Sanyal & Parno Mittra play the lead roles in this film. Dasgupta has won numerous national & international awards, accolades & honours from prestigious organisations worldwide in the last 40 years of his filmmaking career.

Urojahaj revolves around a village mechanic who dreams of flying. After discovering the accident site of a WWII Japanese plane, Bachchu Mondal decides to rebuild it. His project does not go unnoticed by the ghosts that haunt the place, all victims of broken dreams. The authorities begin their investigation of Mondal as a series of strange life-threatening events occur.

The director, on his part, said, “A small newspaper report caught my attention years back. It was about a weird dream of an apparently crazy man. I started developing the concept for my next film when I found that even a naive dream can actually turn out to be a threat to the system. It can, as well, land someone in a misery that he or she doesn’t deserve. I wanted to make a film on journeys of dreams – some lost amidst the growing violence & intolerance of today’s time, some still gasping for life & some more that are not ready to succumb. The film is on simple human dreams & the dreamers. I still believe warplanes want to fly away from war zones, just to remember the silent song of the sky. "