India asks SCO nations to act strongly against terrorism and its facilitators

NEW DELHI: India has asked the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to strengthen and implement all existing international laws and mechanisms, without exceptions or double standards, to combat terrorism and its facilitators.

“Terrorism continues to disturb our societies and undermine our development efforts. It is important that SCO countries come together to face this threat, said the Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh , speaking as the special envoy of PM Narendra Modi on the council of heads of government of SCO in Uzbekistan on Saturday.

The SCO has eight full members, India, Russia, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, while six other nations are dialogue partners and four have been recognized as observers.

While the globalization process has opened up immense opportunities for the growth of SCO members, it has also highlighted multidimensional, complex and transnational threats that affect developing countries, Singh said.

SCO nations must work together to overcome challenges such as terrorism, climate change, endemic poverty, development, pandemics and inequality, he said, while congratulating Russia for successfully carrying out the military exercise of the group CENTER 2019 in Orenburg to develop simulations of the participating armies. in the fight against international terrorism.

Regarding economic development, the defense minister said that the Indian government had resolved to provide an economic ecosystem conducive for partner countries to invest and do business in India. He listed several initiatives taken by India, ranging from relaxation of FDI reforms and allowing 100% of foreign investment in coal mining and contract manufacturing to providing supply standards for single-retailers brand and approve 26% of foreign investment in digital media.

Highlighting the government program Make in India and the measures taken to improve the ease of doing business in the country, Singh invited SCO countries to participate in collaborative joint ventures in India.

Unilateralism and protectionism have done no good, said the minister, reiterating India's commitment to a transparent, rules-based, open, inclusive and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization at its center.

“We need approaches that are inclusive, transparent and firmly anchored in multilateralism. Successful multilateralism also needs to adhere to the basic principles of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-interference and mutual cooperation, ”he added.