15 years of Remix: Karan Wahi, Raj Singh Arora and others gather to celebrate the occasion

Remix It is one of those shows that gives us back the memories of our childhood and makes us feel nostalgic.

Yesterday, the program completed its 15 years and what could have been a better form of celebration than a meeting with the cast and the program team.

Recently, Karan wahi also known as Ranveer Sisodia of the program, he gave all his fans a glimpse of the meeting that is happening. He uploaded a photo on his Instagram with the entire cast of the program and said that even after 15 years, nothing has changed between them.

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15 years on ,Nothing has changed Thankfully... # Remix and Beyond #aboutlastnight #remix #friends #family #mumbai @srishtibehlarya @goldiebehl @saurabhraajain @rajsingharora @priyawal @ishwetagulati @sanndstorm @mutinous_me @habib17m @manceei @siddhantkarnick pic : @karanveermehra (karan from remix ) 🤔😜🤣

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Raj Singh Arora who played the role of Yuvi also took to his Instagram and uploaded a few pictures from the days of Remix . He thanks his fans for all the love the show has received from all across the world.

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15 Years # Remix Thank you, from the Heart ♥️ for the Mad Mad Mad love we receive everyday as if it was yesterday that an episode of #India biggest cult show aired between 8pm & 9Pm on #StarOne Love & Gratitude to all the fans of the show across the world. YUVI 🤘

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Priya Wal who played the character of Ashi uploaded the image of their meeting and talks about their last-minute plans and how it was to grow together. She says that a person's features never change and even after so many years she feels at home.

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15 years later and we still manage to take so many of us in the room when someone says last-minute party. That is to grow together. That's love. (I also realized that the basic character traits and being of a person never change. So even after so many years, it feels like home.) @ Ishwetagulati @karanwahi @rajsingharora_actor @srishtibehlarya @goldiebehl @jee_con @siddhantkarnick @karanveermehra @ habibim @ma @ habibim @ma sourabhraaj.jain #remix #funtimes #aboutlastnight #remixforever #moryahigh #rosemovies

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Shweta Gulati, who played the role of Tia, also took her Instagram. She said it all started in 2004 and still feels the same for the love they have received.

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It was a beautiful night! That's how and where it all started in 2004 ... and it's still the same because of your love ... Thank you for loving us all these years ... #remixfans 💕 I love you @karanwahi @rajsingharora_actor @priyawal @srishtibehlarya @goldiebehl @ mutinous_me @sanndstorm @saurabhraajain @manciee @ habib17m @siddhantkarnick @karanveermehra ❤️

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Siddhant Karnick aka Arjun made his debut with the show Remix . He says that he became part of the show very late but the memories he made will always be preserved and cherished.

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# Remix my debut TV show.. happy 15 years.. I was fashionably late in the show and in this picture but the memories will always be cherished and preserved thank you for an epic show and life into this industry @srishtibehlarya @goldiebehl.. to the entire Cast and crew.. ❤️ . A good way forward is to know where you've come from... . happy 15 Remix .. to Arjun Khanna haath main danda.. a.k.a the Perfect Prefect . . . #starone

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The producer of the show. Goldie behl He also uploaded the photo of the meeting. He said he knows he has done something right if the program is still relevant after 15 years.

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You know you have done something right when 15 years later it is still relevant! The reunion of # Remix . #AboutLastNight

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There are not enough reasons to describe why we are still attached to the program. Be it the identifiable characters or the intriguing story, we somehow became part of the show.