Puppet-dressed artists present the story of Ram-Sita in Jaipur

A three-day cultural festival 'Vividha' began Saturday at the Rangayan Auditorium in Jawahar Kala Kendra . The artists presented the epic Ramayana in a very unique way to the public combining puppet dance and ballet in a folkloric style. the puppet dance drama presented by the Rangshree Little Ballet troupe Bhopal showed the cultural confluence of classical and popular dance on stage. The puppet-dressed artists presented the story of Sita-Ram's wedding and were followed by their arrival at the killing of Ayodhya and Ravana. The faces of the artists were covered with attractive square masks. Their colorful and captivating costumes, their walking style and their musical rhythm add to the charm of the ballet performance.

IMG_6548 Artists performing puppet dance theater in Jaipur

The work begins with the scene of a fair that is organized in the town. A puppeteer invites the villagers to entertain themselves at the fair. Gradually, all the villagers become puppets and begin to act as characters of 'Ramayana' at the fair.


The work was first exhibited in 1953 in Mumbai under the choreography and direction of the late Shanti Bardhan. The work is exhibited without any change during the last 66 years. The drama of heritage dance has also been seen by Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.