The toxic air of Delhi encourages Punjab CM to urge the Center to provide 'stubble handling bonus' to farmers

CHANDIGARH: Expressing anguish over unprecedented air pollution in Delhi and partially acknowledging the guilt due to the failure of his government to prevent Punjab farmers from burning stubble, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh urged the Center on Saturday to provide a bonus separate for farmers. to handle the stubble.

Singh expressed his anger and anguish and made the proposal in favor of the farmers in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid Delhi's Prime Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, persistently blaming the neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab for the increased pollution from the air of Delhi.

No Indian, and definitely no person in Punjab, is oblivious to the misery of our brothers in the national capital, Singh said in a letter, expressing his anguish over the need to breathe severe air pollution in the national capital.

How can a country be called developed when its capital has been reduced to a gas chamber, not by a natural disaster but by a series of man-made events? He asked. Making it clear that he had no intention of taking his hands off the responsibility of the Punjab behind air pollution in Delhi, the prime minister of Punjab admitted that the stubble fires, supported by winds blowing in the wrong direction, They were contributing to toxic levels. of air pollution in Delhi.

The prime minister said that he had personally suggested to the Prime Minister and other Union ministers on several occasions that they provide a separate bonus at the rate of Rs 100 per quintal to facilitate the management of stubble by farmers.