I don't like to be at the forefront when I'm captaining: Rohit Sharma

NEW DELHI: There is no shortage of options to have an established average order by going to T20 World Cup next year consider substitute employer Rohit Sharma , which advocated the need to move from the policy of cutting and changing to provide young people with a sense of security.

Whenever India's first-order fires, the team remains in a good space, but a weak medium and low order has been exposed several times when that does not happen.

Asked if the team has zeroed in on, on this aspect, ahead of the T20 World Cup in Australia, Rohit said, "We have lot of options."

They need to have more games under their belt to have more confidence and do the job. The team, a few years ago, was very determined, so there was not much room for a younger player to take advantage of that opportunity. Rohit said before the first Twenty20 against Bangladesh.

There has always been a cut and a change between the number 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well. So this is the best time for us to try these guys. Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Manish Pandey and Rishabh too. There are many types that can do the job.

However, he acknowledged that the road is difficult for young people, trying to find a place in this formidable Indian configuration.

When they play for their IPL team it is different, but when they come here, it is a different ball game. Beat more for your IPL franchise and that is the challenge in international cricket, you will not get what you want.

You have to win that position and make sure that the few opportunities you have, you should make the most of it. In IPL, 15 games are guaranteed, but not in international cricket.

Further explaining India's preparations for the T20 World Cup next year, Rohit said the team needs to better its performance while batting first.

We have analyzed certain numbers and statistics. Our numbers are very good when we pursue either in India or abroad. Something we really want to focus on is publishing goals and defending them.

That's where we are missing, and that's why you saw the last T20 we played in Bengaluru, where the pitch was a bit sticky but we still chose to hit. We wanted to test and challenge ourselves on how we can face that challenge of posting scores on difficult wickets against difficult attacks.

We want to cover all our bases before going to the World Cup in Australia. This is the perfect time to do it, but at the same time we want to win games. It's not just about trying. The first priority is to win games and then focus on others.

Rohit's philosophy is based on the belief that a captain should not be considered the most important person on the team, since his goal is to follow the leadership template established by the regular employer virat Kohli .

When asked how important it is to prepare well for the fast T20 format, Rohit, who has led the Mumbai Indians to four IPL titles, said he loves putting his players at the forefront.

Many strategies and planning are needed in the T20, player understanding and what they can offer. And that is something I executed with the Mumbai Indians.

How I see it is that when you are the captain of the team, you are not such an important person, the other 10 are the most important players because you want to make the best of them, Rohit added.

Of course, your performance will be important, but I don't like to consider myself at the forefront. The other players become the vanguard. I have to focus on them and give them freedom to express themselves and that has been a complete talk about how they want to go ahead and what we want to do with this new batch.

He was also asked to comment on the difference between the leadership of a regular captain, since he has often led the Indian side when Kohli is not available.

My job as a captain here is very simple. I am not a regular captain, so my job is to take the team forward from where Virat left. What I have done in my limited opportunities is to try to keep what Virat has previously done with. Whenever I have been part of the team, it is about taking the team forward, whatever messages are given to the children, just to remind them what to do.

Rohit did not appreciate that the Indian team occupied only fifth place in the T20.

We need to increase that number. We want to be at the top in all three formats, that has been the standard we have set and there is no reason why we cannot achieve it.