Our future is safe in your hands: Shah Rukh Khan to 13-year-old speaker Gitanjali Rao in Ted Talks India Nayi Baat

After an inspiring season 1, the creators are ready to provoke some interesting conversations with the next season of Ted speaks India Nayi Baat. Shahrukh khan is returning to the small screen as the host of the program that is scheduled to air tonight (November 2) on the occasion of his birthday.

Shahrukh khan has time and again mentioned that he has a very curious mind and loves to try new things. This time, he was completely impressed by a 13-year-old inventor, Gitanjali Rao , who believes that you are never too young to create technology to help people and save lives.

Gitanjali has invented a portable device - named ‘Tethys’ - a quick, low-cost test to detect lead contamination in water. Named after the Greek goddess for fresh water, it allows a sensor linked to a mobile app to give an accurate, almost immediate analysis. She even got a chance to show her experiment on the TED platform in front of Shahrukh khan . She has also invented ‘Epione’ – a device to diagnose opioid addiction at early/onset stages. Impressed by the young girls’ inventions, Shah Rukh said, “It is an amazing invention for a 13-year-old, when I was at that age, my parents used to tell me to latch the door for safety. With such great minds like Gitanjali, our future is very safe in your hands.”