Elegant People recently made in the city

Smart people is a jazz trio composed of veteran musicians, Vinay Kaushal, Jayant Sankrityayana and Shreyas Iyengar. The band has been performing throughout India since 2013. The Band Features Shreyas on Drums while Vinay and Jayant often switch from guitar and bass duties.The members of the band have been playing original jazz music from past 30 years. Jayant has an associate diploma in classical guitar from Trinity, College. Shreyas is a musician and composer and has spent more than a decade as live drummer for various bands. Vinay is a guitar educator. He has performed at prestigious venues like Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, NCPA Mumbai. The musical evening was extremely soothing and entertaining for the audience. The spectators were so satisfied with the band's performance that they urged them play one extra track at the end.