Millennials rent a designer swag to look stylish and also curb fashion waste

The Academy Award-winning actress, Julianne Moore, recently said she stopped buying the planet and said: I did it for a month and followed it. I can buy books, but I can't buy clothes, shoes or jewelry unless I run out of everything I have. If I used every piece of soap in the house, then I can buy new soap. ” While people with environmental awareness around the world are abandoning purchases for the planet, young people in India are doing the same. Not only are they renting top-level brands to make them look relevant to fashion, but they do everything possible to stop fashion waste.

On his visit to Delhi and Mumbai, Alisha Saxena, an MBA student from the city, clicked on numerous images outside high-end designer stores such as Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Prada. As a lover of everything related to fashion, her dream was to put on luxurious designer clothes. Instead, she would settle for looking at shop windows and posing for pretty photos next to the outfits. That changed recently, when he discovered the world of designer clothing rental.

“Imagine: this Diwali wore a Manish Malhotra anarkali and a Sabyasachi lehenga. Do you think an MBA student like me could pay these marks differently? ”, Alisha asks, who rented the sets, for 3,400 rupees each, in an online store, for four days.

Like Alisha, several millennials are now abandoning purchases for festivals and other occasions, and instead rent high-end designer designer clothes in shoelace budgets. “We are receiving 500 applications a month, both boys and girls, in this holiday season. About 90 percent of our customers are millennials, who are attracted to these big names, ”says the founder of an online rental store, Jheal Shah.

Renting clothes also slows fashion waste

greyishgreen-sustainableacademyinfographic A graph that shows the impact of fashion waste.

“I am not a repeater of outfits, but I realize the importance of not creating fashion waste. And then, I rent brand suits every time I attend an event, ”says Sneha. And for many, that's another reason why renting designer suits is a great option.

Through revenue sharing, a branded equipment or accessory travels to several people, supporting the sustainable fashion chain and controlling fashion waste, explains Delhi rental analyst Reema Gautam, who adds: Customers now They are waking up with the effect of cheap, disposable fashion on our planet. A UN environmental report recently described the fashion industry's contribution to climate change. The findings were resounding: the textile industry generates 1.2 billion tons of CO2 per year and is responsible for the consumption of large amounts of water, while 35 percent of microplastics in the ocean come from synthetic fibers in abandoned clothing. ”

Not only SRK and Kajol, we can even wear Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar suits now!

The co-owner of the Pune-based rental store, Azmeem Moloo, highlights how more and more people rent clothes because they don't want to repeat an outfit. “I placed an order from a lehenga Ritu Kumar for a party of an online story recently. I had to pay a deposit of Rs 5,000 for my favorite lehenga, and I can't wait to show it off, says Monika Verma, a blogger. Not only festive events, young people can now afford to wear top-notch brands like Prada and Versace, for any event they want. Surbhi Kumari, who has rented brands like Versace in the past, says: You don't have to worry about making extra space in your closet to carefully keep these expensive brands. Rent saves a lot of time and headache.

“Last week, I wore a Gucci dress for my university event, which made more than a few heads turn. In fact, my classmates wanted to take pictures with me, and I felt like a true celebrity, ”jokes Sneha Gidwani, a fashion technology student.

_SHA9633 Shubham Jain trying on a designer suit

Vivesh Ahuja, a hotel administration graduate, recently dressed an Armani suit for his job interview. “First impressions count, and what better way to make one than flaunting a high-end brand? Thanks to rentals, even men can improve their fashion game using brands like Ralph Lauren and Armani, ”says Vishesh.

Hermes Limited Edition Hermes men's tie

Not only Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, even now we dress with Manish Malhotra, says Yashovardhan Deshpande, who shook the designer's outfits, along with her sister Gitika in a recent family function. “Brands are important, and everyone should have the option of dressing with them. It's not just about the external appearance, but about how amazing it feels in them too, ”he adds. Influential people on social networks also join the rental car. Ravina Sachdev says: “As an influencer, it is imperative to look good and make sure we look our best in the images. Therefore, renting is a much easier option and guarantees that you don't repeat the outfit either.


We do thorough checks to make sure the clothes are not scam: rental stores

But how do you make sure they don't cheat you and that the brands really are original? Jheal Shah explains how rental chains ensure transparency and authenticity: “We seek original sets on a revenue sharing basis, by approaching people who own sets and accessories from the best designers, which we rent. A part of the money we earn goes to them. Finally, these people also become our sponsors. So, it is a cyclic process. In addition, we thoroughly check the labels and tags of these brands, before delivering them for rent.

In fact, fashionistas, who have too many designer suits, are more than happy to rent them. The reasons are simple: make money and support the shared economy.

_SHA9600 Social media influencer Ravina Sachdev rents frequently

“When I went to Beverly Hills in 2016, I bought, like, five Chanel bags for my family. We all keep them for three years. Now, I have switched to Prada and Gucci bags. Therefore, keeping those bags at home does not make much sense when I can rent them through these websites. Rather than making money with it, people can use these accessories at least and keep it rotating for those who need it, ”says socialite Rina Taneja.

The sites take 10 to 20 percent of the retail amount of the set and accessories as a deposit and share guidelines with users of what is due and should not be done. Bobby Singh, owner of a rental store in Bangalore, says: “We verify customers, take deposits and documents. We know them personally before renting these brands. Once it is clear, we ask customers to follow what is due and should not be done, such as not spraying perfume on clothing, jewelry and other accessories. They are not supposed to wash them either. We wash them and dry clean. These are the basic concepts that we follow with the delivery of clothing and accessories for rent.