Agnisakshi Update, November 1: Anjali meets Shourya in private

In the last episode of Agnisakshi Upon hearing from Maya that Sannidhi is aware of the truth, Shourya bursts into Anjali's room and asks to speak with her.

When the duo begins to argue, Akhil suspects when he sees that Anjali's room closes and checks his room. He is furious to see Shourya inside and confronts him.

While Akhil continues to confront Shourya about his secret meeting with Anjali, Radhika admonishes Akhil and leads him to speak privately. After suspecting Akhil's intentions, she blackmails him out of the house with Maya, if he tries to stop Maya's wedding and asks him to apologize to Shourya.

Unable to reveal the truth, Shourya feels helpless and leaves the place. Then he calls Anjali and asks him to meet him immediately. Although Anjali refuses to meet him privately, Shourya manages to convince her.

Anjali meets Shourya in a restaurant and is surprised to learn that he also received the video recording of his forced marriage. While the duo discusses the consequences of Maya learning the same, Shourya fears the worst and advises Anjali to tell her family the truth.

In a surprising turn of events, Maya arrives and confronts them with the purpose of their meeting.

When Anjali and Shourya try to tell a lie to Maya, she stops them and informs the duo that she is aware of the truth about her forced marriage.