He was surrounded by fixers like Aamir and Asif, says Akhtar

NEW DELHI: I was playing against 21 people, 11 of them and 10 of us, said the former sprinter Shoaib Akhtar , once again feeding the accusations of match-fixing against his former teammates from Pakistan.

Pakistan's cricket had sunk into one of its many crises in recent years when the fast bowler Mohammad Aamir , Mohammad Asif & Salman Butt were banned for spotting in 2011.

"I was always of the belief that I can never cheat Pakistan, no match-fixing but I was surrounded by match-fixers. I was playing against 21 people (sic) -- 11 theirs & 10 ours. Who knows who was the match-fixer," Akhtar said during a talk show 'Rewind With Samina Peerzada'.

"There was so much match-fixing. Asif told me which all matches they had fixed & how they did it."

Akhtar said he was livid when he came to know that Aamir & Asif had indulged in corruption during a Test against England.

"I tried to make Aamir & Asif understand. What a waste of talent. When I heard about this, I was so upset that I punched the wall," said the 44-year-old retired pacer.

"Pakistan's two top bowlers, smart, intelligent & the two perfect fast bowlers were wasted. They sold themselves for a little money."

Of the suspended trio, only Aamir successfully returned to international cricket.

The pacemaker was instrumental in Pakistan by winning the 2017 Champions Trophy, beating India in the final. He was also part of the Pakistan team during the World Cup over 50 years in England.