'Snoopgate': Congress says the 'dishonest' government refuses to answer relevant questions

NEW DELHI: On Saturday it hit the Center for the spying controversy, saying that a dishonest government refuses to answer key questions like who bought and deployed the illegal spyware Used for alleged surveillance.

On Thursday, Facebook-owned company had said Indian journalists and activists were among those globally spied upon by unnamed entities using Israeli spyware, leading to a furore over breach of citizens' privacy.

The main spokesman for Congress attacked the government saying that in May, WhatsApp quickly resolved a security issue and notified the relevant government authorities in India and internationally.

A dishonest BJP Govt refuses to answer relevant questions on #WhatsAppSpygate - 1. Who in GOI purchased&deployed the illegal spyware? 2. Who-PM or NSA-authorized the purchase? 3. If Facebook had informed GOI in May 2019, why was govt mum? 4. What action against the guilty, he said in a tweet.

Following the disclosure by WhatsApp, the Indian government has asked the messaging platform to explain the matter and list the measures it has taken to safeguard the privacy of millions of Indians.

According to sources, the company was asked to submit its response before November 4.