Sujoy Prosad, delighted to return to acting in Santiniketan

Interdisciplinary artist, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee , is ready for his concert on Sunday at the facilities of Rabindra Bhavan, Viswa Bharati, Santiniketan . The program, Shotoborsho Pore, will see vocalists Priyam Mukhopadhyay and Ritapa Bhattacharya in acting, apart from Sujoy.

A decade ago, Sujoy had performed at Natyaghar, inside the university. I have shared his fond memories of that time with us. “This concert feels like going back to the roots and I am grateful to my friends, Priyam, Ritapa and Nilanjan, who thought of me for doing this. This is one of the most prestigious invitations I have ever received and it's a huge honor for any artiste to perform at Visva Bharati, ”said Sujoy, who was on his way to Santiniketan this morning. It's interesting to note that Sujoy was the first artiste in Kolkata who performed the Tagorean works in cafes, art galleries and even nightclubs.

The biggest attraction in Santiniketan on Saturdays is the Sonajhuri haat. But, since it’s a bit crowded, Sujoy won’t be visiting the haat. Rather, he has some other plans for the day. “I shall visit a shop that curates some beautiful collection of accessories. I love their collection and plan to buy some unique pieces from there. After that, I have an evening rehearsal for my show. ”

Sharing his plans before the big show on Sunday, the interdisciplinary artiste said, “I will go to a Japanese art studio run by my friend, Nilanjan Bandopadhyay, tomorrow and will be hosting a lunch for friends here before the show. Post the show, there's a dinner invitation by Dhrubajyoti Nandi. I love coming to Santiniketan and always look forward to staying in the serene and beautiful house of Indraneil Mallick here. ”The show at Viswa Bharati will be attended by Sahana Bajpai, Chaitali Dasgupta and many others.