They told me that getting wet in the rain is a good omen in politics: Gadkari

MUMBAI: A sudden shower at an event in Mumbai caused the Union minister Nitin Gadkari Do a veiled investigation of the political opponents of the BJP in the context of the recent survey result in your home state of.

The minister was being interviewed on an open stage at an event in the suburbs on Friday night when it started to rain.

While two people stood holding umbrellas for Gadkari and the interviewer, the BJP parliamentarian joked: When you soak in the rain, you have a good future ... journalists say so, sending a wave of laughter to the audience.

The minister also laughed willingly at his own comment.

Gadkari's comment was an apparent reference to the rain-soaked demonstration of PCN chief Sharad Pawar in Satara during the campaign for the party's candidate for October 21. Lok sabha bypoll

A video and photos of Pawar, 79, drenched in the rain had become viral, which galvanized the workers of his party who were affected by dissensions in the pre-election period.

Political observers believe that Pawar had managed to send a strong political message through his gesture that worked in favor of the PCN candidate who defeated his BJP opponent by a comfortable margin.

Overall, the PCN improved its account in the Maharashtra Assembly to 54 seats, an increase of 13 seats in the 2014 elections.

The BJP and the Shiv Sena They have lost ground with both parties losing 24 seats in total compared to their performance in 2014.