Environment Minister criticizes Kejriwal for 'politicizing' pollution in Delhi

New Delhi, November 2 () One day after the Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, asked the school students to write letters to their counterparts in Punjab and Haryana about pollution caused by stubble burning, the Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar criticized him for politicizing the issue and said it was unfortunate that he was giving himself to the blame game.

Javadekar said that by bringing the students aboard the issue, the prime minister introduced them as villains.

I feel that it is very unfortunate that the Prime Minister of Delhi is politicizing the issue of pollution and giving himself to the blame game instead of finding a solution. He is urging children to send letters to the chief ministers of Haryana and Punjab to present them in a bad way and as villains, the minister said Saturday.

Javadekar said that air pollution is a problem that has worsened in the last 15 years and is now being remedied by the Narendra Modi government.

We have begun to hold interstate meetings of NCR ministers and officials. All interested parties must act together and not blame each other, he said.

The solution to air pollution is not with an on and off mode. It is with sustained efforts that pollution will be reduced. All state agencies and individuals must participate in this effort to combat it. said the minister.

After investigating the Prime Minister of Delhi, Javadekar, who is also a minister of information and dissemination, said that instead of spending millions of rupees on ads, the Delhi government should focus on using the money for a greater good.

I am not interested in blaming anyone today. Instead of spending 1.5 billion rupees on advertisements, the Delhi government should give it to the farmers of Punjab and Haryana to address pollution and acquire machines that help reduce pollution. Any blame game won't work. reduce pollution, but efforts in the right direction will, he said.

Javadekar also criticized the Delhi government for not releasing funds for the construction of Phase IV of the Metro and the eastern peripheral highway until the courts ordered it.

Appealing to the agencies to work together, the minister then tweeted: I appeal to all agencies to work together in the fight against air pollution and provide relief to the people and not give themselves up to cheap policies.

He also urged people to use cycles as much as possible instead of motor vehicles and travel by public transport.

In enumerating the achievements of the Modi government, Javadekar said Metro's rail projects have advanced under the leadership of the prime minister, 60,000 heavy trucks stopped passing through Delhi after the completion of the east and west peripheral highways, the central Badarpur electricity company closed and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. of industries began. Now, with more than 300 km of the Metro network, it provides more environmentally friendly public transportation to more than 50 lakh people. Unfortunately, also on this issue, the Delhi government did not give its share and the courts had to order them to provide the payment, he said. AG HDA SMN SMN