Angela Merkel visits the Delhi metro station, equipped with a solar panel financed by Germany

NEW DELHI: German Chancellor Anjela Merkel visited on Saturday, which is equipped with solar panels financed by the state development bank of her country.

Merkel visited the terrace of the subway station where (DMRC) officials informed him about the solar project.

The Frankfurt-based bank has also offered soft loans for other projects in India, including the Clean Ganga Mission.

The visit to the subway station, the first one equipped with solar energy in the gigantic network, was the last leg of Merkel's trip to India, which arrived here Thursday night.

The chancellor spent almost 30 minutes at the station and also interacted with an electronic car controller.

Rajkumar, the driver of the e-car, said the German chancellor asked him about the vehicle and his job during the three-minute conversation.

A former supervisor of a clothing company, Rajkumar, who is identified by his first name, said he was glad to have interacted with Merkel.

The e-car is being rented by a private company to car drivers and Rajkumar pays Rs 400 daily as usage charges.

I'm so elated that I could shake hands and talk to her, she said about her interaction with Merkel.