Donald Trump announces new interim US national security chief UU.

WASHINGTON: President of the United States Donald Trump He announced Friday that a senior department official, Chad Wolf, would become the nation's new interim national security chief, a role at the center of his repression against undocumented immigration. When asked to confirm the rumors that Wolf, a deputy secretary of the department, would assume the role, Trump told reporters: Well, now he's acting and we'll see what happens. We have great people there.

Trump announced the resignation of his current interim secretary three weeks ago, marking the last game on a long list of senior officials to leave his administration.

As the president has said, Kevin McAleenan has done a tremendous job. He will leave after and after his departure, Chad Wolf will serve as interim secretary in the meantime, the White House spokesman said.

McAleenan served for six months, replacing, who led the powerful agency for 18 months.

National Security is the third largest department of the US government. UU. And it oversees several agencies, including the Coast Guard, the Secret Service and FEMA, which handles disaster preparedness, coordination and support.

In addition, it is in charge of immigration-related agencies, such as Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Control (ICE) and Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Wolf, who is undersecretary of the Department's Strategy, Policy and Plans Office, has made significant progress to strengthen U.S. border security, address the humanitarian crisis on the southwest border of the United States and improve system integrity. of immigration from the United States. On the DHS website it says.

He will be Trump's fifth official to lead the department, which was created in 2002.