The Kairali music band popularizes the band's culture in Kerala

We've heard many versions of the popular song Oru Murai Vanth Parthaya, but have you ever wondered what it will sound like when you play a band? Unique songs like these are the characteristic style of the popular metal band, Kairali, based in Chalakudy.

The popularity of the team lies in playing difficult songs that are not heard among the music bands. The band, with a history of three decades, is now directed by the third generation according to team teacher Ramachandran K R, who was one of the founders of the Kairali band. The veteran, popularly known as Chandran mash, is a clarinet and trumpeter. “The team formed in 1987 was the result of a strong friendship and passion towards this musical genre. Previously, we used to play only gospel and keerthanam music, but now we have revived songs from popular movies. Playing them on instruments such as clarinet, trumpet and drums is not easy, ”says Chandran mash, adding that they have a large fan base in Kunnamkulam.

The band experiences every year with the hit songs of the season. “At the beginning, we created annotations of the songs and then performed the orchestration with the guidance of other teachers such as Stephen, Prahaladan and Francis. It takes a lot of patience and ability to play these songs well, so that the audience can dance along with the music, he says.

The music band, which is originally a formulation of Western music, consists of seven clarinetists, 11 trumpeters, four lateral drums, two baritones, two bass drum, a thavil and a broken drum. The members, between 30 and 50 years old, come from all over the State and are a secular group. During the last decade, the band has performed at temple festivals, church processions, wedding parties and music band contests, performing classical melodies, such as Azhakene Ente Kinavil, Nagumo Mookanale, Karale Nin Kai Pidichal and new hits, such as Poomuthole , Njan Jackson Allada and songs by Porinju Mariam Jose. The traditional music band also has good followers on social networks.

We try to know the taste of the audience during the festival seasons, from September to May, says Unnikrishnan, who is the manager and a drummer. “During the performances, we also play the songs suggested by our audience, which makes them more lively. Then, starting in June, we practice twice a week for next season, after disciplined rehearsals and acting sessions. We choose new members after verifying their performance and personality.

The team leader, Vijayan P V, 37, has directed the 28-member band over the past decade. The side drum artist is the favorite ashan of his team members. “I was used to this genre when I was eight years old, since my father was also in this line of music. Recently, most of the suggestions we receive are for melodies and shocking songs. We are currently rehearsing songs by Harimuraleeravam and Tu Badi Masha Allah. ”

Vijayan points out that the band's proudest moments are when they receive the appreciation of musical directors such as Gopi Sundar, Anirudh Ravichander, music director and lyricist Joseph Joseph Ranjin Raj and Hari Narayanan, actor Joju George and even businessman Kochouseph Chittilappilly. He says that in a performance they were decorated with tickets and fans also looked for selfies with them.

Although the team is famous for its music, not many young people come to learn the art, says Unnikrishnan. “We train students for the recruitment exams of Army and Naval bands. We don't have other students, even from Thrissur, which is home to the music of the band. We receive invitations to act abroad, but most of us do not have passports. We want our Kairali band to have talented successors once we retire, ”Unnikrishnan signs.