This week of that year: an accidental hell in times of gangster wars

Thirty years have passed since Kabutarkhana premiered in theaters on November 3, 1989. The name may seem unknown, but to a Hindu movie buff, the connection to the gangster drama is instantaneous when you mention Parinda. “Kabutarkhana was the title they sold me for a long time, since that was what I saw for the first time, in Dadar, when I landed in Mumbai. But Javed saab (Akshtar, screenwriter and lyricist) insisted that he did not gel, so I went with Parinda because he embodied the idea of ​​the doves of peace, ”reports the writer, producer and director Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

He also admits that the ending changed at the location in Pune. The sequence had Jackie shroff as Kishan entering the home of his gangster boss Anna, ( Nana Patekar ), to be greeted with a shower of bullets. Vinod even toured the house with Arun Patil, who was doing the special effects, placing bullet marks on the walls. Then, just before they shot, its editor, Renu Saluja, wondered if he wanted more shots since they had been heard enough in the previous scene when Kishan's brother, Karan, and his girlfriend were shot dead at night. Wedding Realizing the wisdom of his observation, Vinod ordered Nana to tell her henchmen to hold their weapons and let Kishan in. When Arun told the actor this, he protested, noting that Vinod himself had orchestrated the scene. Even the action director, Ravi Dewan, told him that he had gone mad, stating that when his funeral procession left after launch, he was not going to lend his shoulder. “I understood his apprehensions because 30 years ago, when shootings were the norm, it was unthinkable to shoot a climax in a single room with two men talking. But today, the image of Nana wrapped in flames is unforgettable, ”Vinod smiles.

A still from the film;  Jackie shroff  at  Filmfare Awards

Why shoot, he insists, and he points out that at a time when one believed that the stronger the villain was, the stronger the movie was, he was trying to find a fatal weakness in his bad man. One by one he began to think about the elements ... Air, water, earth, fire ... And it was fire! However, since this was the pre-digitized era, the fire was real, built by combining a rubber solution. And while Jackie watched Nana stagger on the swing, she was convinced that that was her end, while Vinod took a higher angle, marveled at how bright she was acting, not realizing that she was really burning, by refusing to use fire protection pants. . “He had to be treated at Nanavati Hospital for a couple of weeks. When he returned to face the fire, Nana and Anna had become one, and their fear of fire was real, ”he says.

Parinda pocketed Renu and Nana National and Filmfare Awards , for best editor and best supporting actor. The film also bagged three more Filmfare Awards , for best director (Vinod Chopra), best screenplay (Shiv Kumar Subramaniam) and best actor ( Jackie shroff ). The latter accepted his Black Lady from Rekha, with his sleeping son Tiger cradled in his arms. Vinod had taken the role of Kishan first to Naseeruddin Shah who rejected it. When I asked Jackie, Karega? He replied: 'Mujhe acting nahin aati.' It was his honesty that convinced me that it was Kishan, ”says the filmmaker. Jackie was courted with the song, Tumse Mil Ke. He said: If you can film a song so beautifully, toh film bhi achcha banayega. And once he was on board, there was nothing to distinguish the person and the actor. He used his own car and even used his own clothes. ”

Not many remember that Sanjay Leela Bhansali He was part of the film, as associate director (songs). Vinod remembers him as a sweet and talented child and a gentle soul who rarely spoke. When we were filming Pyaar Ke Mod Pe, I asked him to tell Madhuri to adjust his dupatta. He was reluctant. We work together on many movies and songs, including 1942: A Love Story. Today, it is hard to believe that this shy and quiet child has become the SLB today, Vinod laughs.

Parinda today is considered a film that defines the genre, but at that time, distributors were upset with Vinod for killing Anil and Madhuri, who were high up after Tezaab. “Two hours after the first 3 pm show, my Punjab distributor called to say that the audience thought his death was part of a sequence of dreams. He suggested that I let Madhuri and Anil live and kill Jackie, offering me an extra Rs 11 lakh if ​​I complied, ”he recalls. But Vinod refused to depart from his basic message that violence begets violence.

Is there anything I would change if Parinda did today? “Thirty years ago, his projection was discreet, but today it may seem too dramatic. If I had to do it with Tiger (Shroff), it would minimize emotions a bit, Vinod admits. So do you think it could be remade? Now that you say it, yes, smile. Many, including my coach, haven't seen Parinda, Vinod smiles.