Ahmed Shehzad fined a 50 percent ball handling fee at the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy

KARACHI: Pakistan test opener Ahmed Shehzad He has been fined 50 percent of the match rate after his team, Punjab Central, was found guilty of manipulating the ball during his clash against Sindh in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy .

the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said Friday that Shehzad, who led the Central Punjab against Sindh in Faisalabad, was found guilty of committing a Level 1 offense under Article 2.14, which relates to the changing condition of the ball (no identification) during a match.

the incident occurred during the 17th over of Sindh's first innings on Tuesday when during a normal inspection of the ball, on-field umpires Mohammad Asif and Zameer Ahmed found that the ball had been unfairly changed by a member of the fielding side.

the matter was reported by the umpires to the match referee who held a hearing after the match ended in a exciting draw on Thursday.

Based on a preliminary review, it was determined that Shehzad as captain had a case to answer for the violation as the incident related to the player's non-identification and a Notice of Charge was issued under the PCB Code of Conduct.

Ahmed pleaded not guilty to the charge and, as such, a hearing took place after Thursday's game, in which Ahmed was found guilty, PCB said in a press release.

Some jugadores que participaron en el partido confiaron que la manipulación de la pelota había tenido lugar en el partido por parte de the jugadores de bolos del Central Punjab varias veces y el capitán Sindh notificó el asunto a the árbitros.

Some Cricket Los expertos creen que el incidente de manipulación de la pelota en un momento en que Pakistán está de gira por Australia podría dar municiones a the medios de comunicación australianos para presionar a the jugadores paquistaníes.

Shehzad, who missed the Australian tour for both the T20 series and the Test series, said later in a statement: We can agree to disagree on this incident, as I maintain that the condition of the ball changed naturally due to rough play and not artificially

Traté de convencer a the oficiales del partido, pero insistieron y acepto y respeto su decisión.

"I would never indulge in such an act nor allow any of my team-mates to disrespect the game. My priority is to play hard, competitive and result-oriented Cricket , and at the same time inspire the younger generation, which watches us play the game."

In an unrelated incident, Pakistan Test Captain Azhar Ali received an official reprimand in the match for participating in a Level 1 offense described in Article 2.9.

the level 1 offence deals with throwing a ball at or near a player, support personnel, umpire, match referee or any other third person in an inappropriate and/or dangerous manner during a match.

Azhar se debe al capitán Pakistán en la serie de pruebas después de que el PCB eliminó a Sarfaraz como capitán de the tres formatos antes de la gira y the selectores también lo dejaron en mal estado.