Mumbai: Cabbie who abused a pregnant passenger ‘punished’ in court

MUMBAI: Noting that the feelings and physical problems of pregnant women should be considered by the general public, a trial court recently condemned a 56-year-old taxi driver for insulting a woman's modesty for having a passenger who repeatedly He said to drive carefully. She was nine months pregnant.

The court found the driver, Satishchandra Trivedi, guilty of the charges of using words or gestures to insult a woman's modesty. Trivedi was sentenced to prison until the lifting of the court. In such a sentence, the convicted defendant has to sit in court until the day's proceedings are concluded.

Trivedi was also fined Rs 10,000, of which Rs 9,000 must be paid to the woman as compensation. “In my opinion, the defendant is a senior citizen. It seems that this is his first offense and he assured that he will not use that insulting language in the future. Looking at the circumstances, I argue that the sentence of up to the lifting of the court and the fine will be sufficient for the purposes of justice, ”said the court.

The woman deposed in court and said she worked as a security officer at the international airport. She said that on April 21, 2014, at 6.30 pm, she left her parents' residence in Lalbaug to go to work. His turn was to start at 8pm. The woman said she boarded the taxi and had to get off at the Lower Parel station. She informed the driver that she was pregnant and asked her to drive carefully.

Cabbie asked the woman to come down

The woman said that Trivedi drove hastily and once again asked him to slow down. He also said that Trivedi abruptly stopped the taxi and asked him to get off. The woman said she refused and told the taxi driver that if she wanted to get out of the cabin, she should leave her at a police station.

She said the defendant began abusing her and also drove the car at high speed and applied the brakes repeatedly. The woman said she decided to get out of the taxi. When she asked the defendant to stop the car, he abused her and said: I will have a main pet, jo baccha hain, woh mar jayega (the baby in your womb will die).

The woman said she felt horrible and asked her to take her to the end of the Currey Road bridge. Seeing a policewoman, the woman complained to her. The defendant was taken to the police station. The woman said that Trivedi had told police that he also wanted to file a complaint against her.

Trivedi presented in court that he was upset because the woman was in a hurry to go to work and was giving her instructions unnecessarily. He said the woman had filed a false complaint because she did not want to pay the fee.

The magistrate refuted his defense and said: In my opinion, that woman who wins will not discuss or make any problem with the taxi driver about the point of payment of the fare.

The magistrate said the woman had hired the taxi, so there seemed to be no reason to avoid paying the fare. The court considered that the woman's version was reliable and noted that frequent braking could have damaged her baby. “She was very concerned about the safety of her son during the trip and could have felt that due to the application of the brakes, the baby could suffer damage to the uterus. So his behavior was very natural. She reveals that without worrying about her physical condition, the defendant used abusive and insulting words for her, ”said the court.

(The identity of the victim to protect their privacy has not been disclosed according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)