Democrat accusation movement: an attack on American democracy: Donald Trump

WASHINGTON: President of the United States Donald Trump He has said that the vote of Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives of the United States to approve the process of political trial against him is an attack on American democracy.

The lower house of the United States Congress of 435 members on Thursday approved the measure, for the third time in the history of the modern presidency, establishing rules for open hearings and the interrogation of witnesses by members and staff by 232-196 votes.

Democrats enjoy the majority with 233 seats in the House of Representatives, while the ruling Republican, where Trump comes from, has 197 elected representatives.

“They have been conspiring to overthrow the elections. Yesterday's vote of radical Democrats is an attack on democracy itself. But I will tell you that Republicans are really strong, the strongest I've seen and the most unified, Trump said during his speech at the Keep America Great demonstration in Tupelo, Mississippi, on Friday.

So far only two US presidents. UU. Andrew Johnson & Bill clinton have been charged by the US House of Representatives UU., But none of them was condemned by the Senate, as a result, no president of the USA. UU. He has been removed from office through the process of political trial.

In the 100-member Senate, Trump's Republican Party enjoys majority with 53 seats & the Democrats have 47 seats. Given the current composition of the US Congress, the impeachment process is likely to sail through the Democratic controlled House of Representatives & unlikely to be passed by the GOP-majority Senate.

Trump, at his first election rally, also claimed that the main US media are too involved in this conspiracy.

“The media & the Democrats have been engaged in a corrupt partnership trying to impose their will & to thwart American democracy. And shifty, Adam Schiff & the media are continuing with the deranged impeachment witch hunt, this is one I never thought I'd be involved in, the word impeachment,” he said.

Trump said that the "Democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million Americans disgracing themselves & bringing shame upon the House of Representatives.”

The impeachment process has started deepening the bitter political divide in the US, which over the next few weeks & months is likely to develop into an unprecedented mudslinging & war of words between the Democrats & the Republicans.

“Make no mistake. They are coming after the Republican Party & me because I'm fighting for you, they don't like it. This is different. They've never had anything like this. And they know they can't win,” he said.

Trump scoffed at Democrats' claim that he was so fearful of Democratic frontrunner & former vice president Joseph R. Biden that he asked Ukraine to investigate him for corruption.

Wow, I guess there is only one way: let's call Ukraine to help us, he said mockingly.

“These people are sick. And here is the good news: people understand it, ”he said.

The president alleged that, son of the former vice president, he received a reward for his position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

“Experience with energy, he knew less about her than this young man. How old are you? Six? This young beautiful person in front. And this six year old is smarter. So I think I would basically go with her, ”he said.

Earlier in the day, Trump told reporters at the White House that he cannot believe that Democrats can accuse a president when the economy is so good.

“I can't believe they'd impeach. You have the greatest economy in the history of our country. You have the highest stock market in the history of our country. You have the best employment numbers & unemployment numbers in the history of our country,” he said.

“You can't impeach a president who did nothing wrong. You can't impeach a president who's rebuilt our military, who's taken care of our vets with choice & accountability. Nobody thought those things could be passed,” Trump said.

“The Democrats are crazed. They're lunatics. In the meantime, we have the greatest economy ever. We have a man on the other side, Adam Schiff, who is a corrupt politician, as you know. He's a corrupt politician. He made up a speech & he read what I said & it wasn't what I said. It was a terrible thing he said, & many people saw that. That's how this whole thing--he started it as a con,” he said.