Pooja Gehlot wins silver in the U23 World Wrestling Championship

BUDAPEST: Pooja Gehlot (53 kg) claimed the second silver medal of India after being world champion of Japan in 2017 Haruna Okuno in the final of the UWW U23 World Championship.

Gehlot lost 0-2 to Okuno in the summit clash to emulate Ravinder (61 kg), who also won a silver earlier this week.

However, the three-time Junior World Championship medalist, Sajan Bhanwal (77 kg), lost a semifinal fight 4-5 against the Japanese Kodai Sakuraba. Now he will fight for bronze on Saturday.

An excellent Bhanwal had left Jesse Alexander Porter 6-0 blank in the qualifiers to move to the quarterfinals, where he won a 3-1 victory over Tunjay Vazirzade of Azerbaijan.

The unstoppable Bhanwal, one of the best Greco-Roman talents that emerged from India, rushed to the semifinals after a strong 6-2 victory over Per Albin Olofsson of Sweden.

Among other Greco-Roman results, Arjun Halakurki came into rejection even after his good run at 55 kg came to an end in the quarterfinals when he fell 12-14 to Emin Narimanovitch Sefershaev of Russia.

But with the Russians coming to the confrontation at the summit, Halakurki had another chance.

He had previously beaten Giovanni Freni of Italy 13-9 in the qualifiers and Sebastian Kolompar of Serbia 9-0 in the quarterfinals.

Sunil Kumar advanced from the 87 kg qualifiers to the quarterfinals after a 7-2 victory over Sid Azara of Algeria. In the next round, the Ukrainian Semen Novikov showed him the door in a 0-8 defeat.

At 63 kg, Rajeet had difficulties against favorite top Slavik Galstyan and fell 0-8 in his first bout.

At 130 kg, Deepak Poonia could not cause a great impact and succumbed to a 1-6 defeat at the hands of American David Tate Orndorff in the qualifying round.