Madhya Pradesh: the swarm of bees attacks the children, the minister continues with the speech

A public meeting in, held to commemorate the day of the foundation of, ended in chaos on Friday when a swarm of bees attacked the gathering of school-age children. The administration suspects that it was sabotage.

A video of the incident shows children running helter skelter, screaming in terror, while the minister continues to give his speech for a while, not realizing what is going on. Collector Chhotu Singh and some officials are seen sitting on the dais.

Some students who were bitten were taken to the hospital.

The state government had assigned districts to ministers to celebrate the day of the founding of MP. Singh, the MLA, got Bhind and the event was organized in the open field at the district headquarters. The minister delivered a speech on the development of Madhya Pradesh when a swarm of bees pounced on the scores of students and teachers who had gathered there.

At least 25 to 30 people were stung

The video shows people running around in fear, screaming for help. At least 25 to 30 people were stung , 15 of whom had to be taken to hospital, said sources. Local authorities believe the bees were spurred into attack mode either by the noise of loudspeakers or smoke from a nearby fire. Sabotage isn't being ruled out, said some officials. When asked about the incident, the minister told local media: "Did someone ask the bees to come and sting?" Collector Singh said: "It seems to be mischievous conduct. I have asked police to inquire into the matter and initiate necessary action. Eight students suffered major attack."