Jessica Lall's murder: convict Manu Sharma seeks early release

NEW DELHI: On Friday, a convict for murder moved the higher court in Delhi challenging the rejection of his request for premature release by the State Review Board of Judgments Review (SRB).

A bank of judges Manmohan and Sangita Dhingra Sehgal requested the government of Delhi to present its response to Sharma's request against the July 19 decision of the JUR to reject his case for his release.

Sharma, who spent almost 17 years in jail, cited HC's verdict on the murder case of Tandoor, convict Sushil Sharma, who was granted premature release.

The petitioner qualifies all the required parameters as stipulated in the minutes of the meetings of the JUR. The additional imprisonment of the petitioner after completing the maximum prescribed period, that is, 20 years (including remission), in the absence of convincing and convincing reasons, is illegal and without legal justification, said the statement, presented through the lawyer Amit Sahni . The July 19, 2019 recommendations that SRB rejects the petitioner's case for premature release is contrary to the law and is not based on facts and is likely to be annulled, he added.

However, the prosecution opposed the statement arguing that during the past three years, Sharma was in a semi-open jail and is now in an open jail and the Supreme Court has held that life imprisonment means even natural life.

But the convict questioned SRB's rejection, arguing that it was done arbitrarily and even before, the authorities rejected his request three times.

Sharma, son of former Union Minister Venod Sharma, was sentenced and sentenced to life imprisonment by a higher court in December 2006 for killing Jessica Lall in 1999.

The trial court acquitted him, but the Delhi High Court revoked the order and the Supreme Court upheld his life sentence in April 2010.

Sharma shot Lall after she had refused to serve him liquor at the Tamarind Court restaurant, owned by the socialite Bina Ramani, at the Qutub Colonnade in Mehrauli, in southern Delhi, on the night of April 30, 1999 .