Bigg Boss Telugu 3 update, Day 103: Tamanna Simhadri apologizes to Ravikrishna; The BB awards ceremony begins

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 , the finalists wake up with the song Oh My Friend from Happy Days of Varun Sandesh. Two fans enter the house and meet the finalists. Sreemukhi makes a joke of Baba.

Ravikrishna He is the first former contestant to enter the house. The finalists welcome you. Baba is excited to see Jaffar enter the house below. Jaffar tells the finalists that the answer for them and the show is great. Baba pulls Jaffar's leg.

Rahul and Varun talk about the 3 best final contestants. Baba shares his complaints with Jaffar. Rohini and Ashu enter the house below.

Varun shares with Ravikrishna his contentment over his journey.

Baba dances Jaffar's song. Jaffar shows his talent for dancing.

Punarnavi and Vithika enter next. They interact with Rahul, Varun and other inmates. Siva Jyothi, Shilpa Chakraborty and Siva Jyothi enter the house. Baba proudly shows Mahesh his ticket to finale. Punarnavi suggests Rahul to talk it out with Sreemukhi. Rahul says everything is fine between them.

The housemates meet in the living room to watch a video of their trip at home.

Tamanna regrets her behavior with Ravikrishna in the house and apologises to him. He accepts her apology and appreciates her.

Ravikrishna reads out the instruction about the award ceremony. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to organize an entertaining award ceremony as a part of the party.