Sebastian Vettel acclaims 'one of the best' Lewis Hamilton before the coronation of the world title

AUSTIN: Sebastian Vettel classified Lewis Hamilton between Formula One The greats on Friday before the British tried to win his sixth world championship on the weekend United States Grand Prix .

Hamilton is ready to confirm his place in F1 history in Texas on Sunday, as he needs only four points to make sure he retains his crown, a feat that would take him to second place on the all-time best sports list behind the seven-time champion Michael Schumacher .

Four-time world champion Vettel said that only Schumacher should qualify beyond Hamilton, despite claims that he has benefited from driving for the Mercedes series champions.

How can we think differently? For me it is very clear. He is absolutely one of the best, he said.

He has been here for a long time and is one of the most successful drivers. After Michael, it is correct to have his name there.

"Lewis is undoubtedly a great professional who stood out between all the drivers of his generation."

While his family flew to witness his expected coronation of the sixth world title, Hamilton was driven by the early return of a key man on his racing team on a cold Friday morning in Texas: his usual Mercedes racing engineer, Peter 'Bono 'Bonnington.

Bonnington was absent last weekend in Mexico and the American event was expected to be lost after a personal medical procedure, but he reappeared in Hamilton's garage for the inaugural free practice session on Friday.

The racing boffin with glasses has made Hamilton four of his five previous titles and, if the Briton succeeds on Sunday, he will have done the job for five titles in six years with Mercedes.

Hamilton, winner of five of his seven visits to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, will turn 35 in January, but has insisted he still does not plan to retire and believes he can continue to improve.

I don't think I've reached my peak yet, and that's comforting. I plan to become stronger ... I never thought I would have five titles and I still create dreams that I never thought I would ever have. have said.

If I can get it, a sixth title will be unreal, but I will compete for more years and I want to win every year. Trust me. I will press more than ever.

Having won 10 races this year, Hamilton is unrivaled as the master of his career, but he is quick to point out that it has been a very challenging year in which Bonnington and the rest have played an important role.

People underestimate how difficult it has been. It has been a difficult year, he said.

We often forget how many victories we had because it was very difficult, but the numbers give a good feeling. Hard work is worth it.