Trai: Cells must sound for 30 seconds, 60 fixed lines

NEW DELHI: Trai set 30 seconds on Friday as a call time for mobile phones and 60 seconds for landlines, resting the battle between Bharti Airtel , Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea.

Until now there was no such limit for calls within India, and telecom operators themselves were reducing the incoming call time to attract the reverse call from subscribers of other networks, since shorter tones meant more calls. losses.

The length of the alert time for an incoming voice call, which is not answered or rejected by the called party, will be 30 seconds for mobile and 60 seconds for basic telephone service, Trai said in an amendment to the standards of quality of service for basic services. Telephone and mobile telephony services.

Earlier, both Bharti Airtel and Vodafone had alleged that Jio had slashed ring time of calls from its network to 20 seconds in some circles to elicit call-backs because shorter rings meant more missed calls. Executives from the companies alleged that by doing so, Jio was trying to manipulate the interconnect usage charges (IUC), which is a net revenue generator for the telco receiving more calls.

While Jio reacted to his rivals' protests by increasing the call time to 25 seconds, industry sources said that, in response, both Airtel and Vodafone Idea reduced their own call time to 25 seconds. However, Jio said 15-20 seconds was a global standard and that his network was being flooded by missed calls that originated in other telecommunications companies, as it offered free voice services.