Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma wants to leave the tail of Paras Chhabra

The second game changes Mahira Sharma and the dynamics of Paras Chhabra. The second round was about who is the contestant most deserving of staying in the house and who least deserves it.

The housemates name Paras as the most deserved candidate, since he had already secured his position, and Arti as the least deserving candidate.

But Mahira, who was in fourth position, moves to third position according to the panel of judges.

Seeing his rank, Mahira is in a state of shock. Despite being under the guidance and support of Paras, she feels she is not helping her. While Paras rejoices in his winning moment, Mahira says: I think I have to leave your tail.

Paras tells him not to worry.

From day 1, Paras had its influence on Mahira and Shehnaz. While Shehnaz left his influence, Mahira remained by his side. In BB's home delivery task, Paras won the task and secured Mahira's position.

Rashami and Devoleena supported Paras and made him win the task despite Arti's opposition. Sidharth and Asim had also given up the task, knowing that Paras would win.

The wild card contestants: Tehseen, Khesari and Shefali intelligently ranked the contestants, to create a crack since all the dynamics will change after they enter the house.